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Pearl Rejuvenation

Intensive concentrated cream smoothing wrinkles

unique 2-phase wrinkles reduction technology

Is it for you?

Intensive concentrated cream is recommended for women aged 35+ with all types of skin. It gives wonderful effects on both younger and more mature (45+) skin.

Do you dream of a fresh, pearly skin without wrinkles?

Every woman does! We make it possible thanks to unique 2-phase wrinkles reduction technology. You will  notice reduction of depth and width of wrinkles due to the synergistic action of a patented complex: thioproline and rosmarinic acid combined with natural oils. Your skin will get immediate pearly effect of optical smoothing due to an extract of white pearl, which reduces visibility of wrinkles and improves skin tone. After usage, the volume of wrinkles is reduced by 25%.  Another benefits are improvement of firmness and elasticity, smoothing, reduction of the number and size of wrinkles. Your skin will get deep nutrition and regeneration during the sleep, your skin tone will be improved and the wrinkles – less visible! 

  • wrinkles is reduced by 25%
  • regeneration
  • healthy skin
  • improved firmness
  • Thioproline & rosmarinic acid combined with FitoDHEA - reduction of depth and width of wrinkles
  • Extract of white pearl - optical skin smoothing
  • Natural oils


In the evening apply a small amount of the cream on the skin of face and neck, wait until it is absorbed.